Jean-Claude Van Damme is a downright legend of the action film industry, despite his career taking some unexpected turns in its latter half. The action star has given us some truly memorable performances in films like Bloodsport, Double Impact and Kickpuncher (whose sequel Kickpuncher: Vengeance is set to release this year). The actor is now set to enter the world of television in a fascination new series titled - Jean-Claude Van Johnson.

Welcome to the world of JCVD

The Belgian actor is going to play an alternate version of himself in this new Amazon Prime series, and the take could not be more fascinating.

Instead of simply being a world famous action star in this world, his character will also be a contract killer for hire, and 'Johnson' is the name he goes by in this alternate career. You can take a look at the trailer of the series below, before we get into greater specifics.

An unexpected take

As you can see from the trailer, the tone of the show isn't like anything you would expect from a series starring JCVD. The actor is shown to be visibly bored, despite being obviously wealthy, spending a bulk of his morning lazily readying himself.

He uses his own merchandise, spends a couple of minutes making pop-tarts and is the kind of person who would use a segway to cover the distance from his front door to his main gate to fetch the newspaper. It isn't hard to imagine why he would consider being a contract killer considering the skills he has at his disposal.

Apart from the obvious boredom in his life, Jean-Claude Van Johnson ends up crossing paths with a lost lover in the series, and she eventually plays a telling role in his return to a life as a killer.

A necessary shift

It is quite brilliant to see actors from previous generations adapt to the demands of the world of television today. JCVD has been through a lot in his life, including beating several addictions and finding out quite late about his bi-polar condition. He has clearly been able to channel his experiences in order to take a more mature role in his turn on television. Based on first impression, it will also be fascinating to see how the action pans out in the series as well.

Either way, it will be good to have some well-deserved screen time for the one and only Jean-Claude Van Johnson...Damn!

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