Javi Marroquinis back home in America after serving over 6 months overseas, serving the country in the Air Force. When Marroquin left home, he thought his marriage was solid and that both his wife and his children would be waiting for him once he returned. But while Marroquin was away, he learned that Kailyn Lowry was ready to leave the marriage and fans did see them struggle onTeen Mom.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquinis now back home and it sounds like he's ready to take some vacation. He has already been working on getting settled in his new bachelor apartment, since Kailyn Lowry essentially told him that she's staying in the home they once owned together.

These days, he's relaxing on the beach, hanging out with friends and planning some upcoming NFL games. So why does he have so much time off?

Why Javi Marroquin can take so much time off

Marroquin is able to take so much time off because he was working non-stop while he was deployed. As he explains on Twitter, he worked almost all the time, leaving very little time for him to hang out with his friends.

"Can some1 explain all these vacations? Maybe it's bc I work a 9-5 ... But damn," one person wrote to Javi, who replied with, "Um I just got home from a deployment.

I do get time off to spend with my family.Thank you 6 days a week. 12-14 hour shifts for 192 days I think I deserve a vacation."

It sounds like Javi gets some time off before he has to go back and work for the Air Force in one way or another. No word on what he is planning on doing next.

Javi Marroquin’s relationship with estranged wife Kailyn Lowry

These days, Javi is able to see his son, Lincoln, and his stepson Isaac, when they aren't busy with their mother and Isaac's father, Jo Rivera.

Marroquin still wants a relationship with Isaac, but it may be harder now that they aren't living together under the same roof. When the divorce announcement was revealed, Javi said that Isaac was his best friend and that he would always be there for him.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin taking some time off? Do you think he's spending this time with his children?

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