Javi Marroquin is planning for a tell-all book which is sure to shed light on the moments leading up to his split from wife Kailyn Lowry. With Teen Mom 2 production underway on the series' forthcoming season, Marroquin has spoken out about his bombshellplans. “It’s actually a response to Kail’s new book coming out,” Marroquin told Radar Onlineof his wife'supcoming memoir,Hustle & Heart. “Except mine will be the truth and what she actually did that ended the marriage."

The end of Javi Marroquin'smarriage wasn't chronicled correctly on 'Teen Mom 2'

Javi Marroquin and his wife parted ways earlier this year after she suffereda miscarriage in 2015.

However, while Marroquin suggested it was Lowry's miscarriage that launched them into marital turmoil, and later cited her refusal to have more children as a reason behind their divorce, there appears to be more to the story.

According to Marroquin, he was inspired to write a book of his own after he cameacross some of Lowry's rough drafts for her memoirand "wasn’t happy with what was being said.” From the sound of things, Marroquin is hoping to set the record straight and reveal his own truth when it comes tohis divorce.

Did Kailyn Lowry cheat on Javi Marroquin?

Weeks afterLowry confirmed she and Javi Marroquin were ending their marriage, Marroquin sparked rumors on Twitter with a suspicious message to his fans.“What’s done in the night will show in the light,” he tweeted in June. Marroquin also added, “All of y’all that looked me in the face and didn’t say anything…Dead to me.” Although Marroquin has certainly raised questions about his wife's possible cheating, he hasn't confirmed a thingand told Radar Online that he planned to keep his mouth shut until it is the right time.

Javi Marroquin returned from his deployment in Qatar earlier this month after serving his time abroad for the Air Force since January. And while Kailyn Lowry has confirmed she is filming for the upcoming season of Teen Mom 2 with photos online, it is unclear whether or not Marroquin will be included.

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