Jason Bourne 2016

Matt Damon is back with a bang!The latest Bourne franchise has proved the superstar's credibility as one of the most sought-after and arguably the best action hero in the movie world. Jason Bourne is a sure hit.I actually had doubts over the movie being as entertaining as The Bourne Identity. I only liked the first one in the Bourne series...until now. I was expecting the action sequences mixed with the now-famous captivating background music.Matt Damon is captivating in Jason Bourne.

Things have changed and so has the superstar. He looks more mature (not old) and well-built as compared to the previous Bournes. It's a-new-star-is-born kind of thing. As if Matt Damon has just been discovered by the world.

When Matt Damon became Matt Damon

Goodwill Hunting was when Matt Damon was born. Other similar roles like the one he played in Rounders followed soon. Then came Steven Spielberg'sLooking for Private Ryan.Even though Tom Hanks was the lead actor Damon owned the film (and role).

The shift from playing dramatic roles had begun from there onwards. Then Paul Greengrass gave us The Bourne Identity. The actor-director duo's action-thriller film sent Matt Damon into the stratosphere of stardom. He became a household name and, along the way, the star and the director team changed the whole action-thriller movie making business altogether. Matt Damon became Matt Damon. Films like James Bond have since been trying to emulate Jason Bourne-like actions and storytelling.

Even Bollywood, known for its copyrights infringement, joined in the act of emulating action sequences like the famous 'balcony jump' scene. In Dabangg the hero jumps into this balcony from the top of the adjacent rooftop and lands, like Jason Bourne, perfectly in the tight space.

Matt Damon starred in sci-fi films like Elysium and the Oscar winner The Martianbut the films seemed to fail to give the actor the kind of Leonardo DiCaprio appeal Jason Bourne has.

The actor's new sci-fi flick The Great Wall for whichhe has been criticized for promoting the 'white savior' complex, is due out soon.

Made for the millennials

What's good about Jason Bourne (the new movie) is that it has introduced new actors playing new parts that rhyme well with the present digital state and modern narrative of the American society. The introduction of Deep Dream representing the RL Facebook as the social networking giant fits the plot. Aaron Kalloor (played by Riz Ahmed) representing Mark Zuckerberg and having powerful ties with the CIA is something current. It's a narrative based on the "new".

It worked.

IRL Facebook is the most powerful social-networking company in the world. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg has been declared as the most powerful person in the Silicon Valley. The Business Insider has reported that Mark Zuckerberg is officially the new Bill Gates and it also initiated a warning to the tech start-ups. The introduction of Tommy Lee Jones as the CIA bad guy trying to ruin Jason Bourne's life is welcoming. He has given the role that much-needed edge that is required.

Alicia Vikander

However, the person that has given the film a totally fresh and 'millennial' look is the introduction of Alicia Vikander playing the CIA-sidekick Heather Lee.

Ms. Vikander came to prominence as the Ex-Machina girl. Towards the end of the film, Ms. Lee tells the main CIA chief that she knows how to deal with Jason Bourne. She informs the chief that what the CIA needs is someone new, not someone like Robert Dewey who belongs to the old generation and who is out to destroy Jason. Heather tells the chief that she can reach Jason Bourne as they are of the same kind - the new-generation kind. Ms. Vikander is like a breath of air and has given Jason Bourne that millennial look which the franchise needed most.Julia Stiles as Nicky Parsons helped keep the connection between the Bourne films.

She is part of the "original" heroine in the series.

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