Jason Bourne is causing Chinese audiences to ask for their money back after watching Matt Damon’s new movie. The film premiered in China on August 23, and, as reported by the Hollywood Reporter,the problem was nothing to do with Damon’s acting, and everything to do with the fact that they watched a 3D version of the movie. While China as a whole loves the whole 3D scene, the fifth film in theJason Bourne series just didn’t go down well in that format. Negative reviews have popped up all over Weibo, the popular Chinese social media network, with one particular viewer commenting how they felt particularly sick during the fight scenes.

According to that person, it came across like a low-budget movie and they will have to watch it again in 2D.

Shaky camera action does not translate well to 3D

A report by Quartz had similar stories, with a Weibo user saying there was a whole line of people throwing up in the restroom at the cinema they went to. That person stressed that they weren’t exaggerating, either -- people were queuing to puke. According to the Hollywood Reporter the problem is all with how the latest Jason Bourne film was made.

There was reportedly a lot of hand-held camera work, along with a hyperactive editing style, and it seems shaky camera footage doesn’t work too well in 3D format.

The Jason Bourne box office was doing well

When the film first premiered in China, in both 3D and 2D format, it initially did well, bringing in around $12 million on the day it premiered.

This is good going for the Jason Bourne franchise and an unusually good take. However, it wasn’t long after the premiere that moviegoers started complaining about getting sick from the 3D version. Not only that, they reckoned the tickets for the 3D version of the film were also too expensive, while tickets for the normal, 2D version were very hard to get hold of. Movie fans have claimed that the 3D version is a rip off and that this has happened too many times in China and must be stopped.

Ironically the 3D version of Jason Bourne has apparently not been released in either North America or Europe and is being specifically aired in Asia, with China, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, and Vietnam getting that format. While only China is in the news about getting sick from the 3D version, there is apparently some good news. After moviegoers protested about the effects of the film, cinemas will now do their best to replace the 3D version with more 2D screenings.

You can safely enjoy the 2D trailer included below:

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