During the filming of Suicide Squad many creepy and odd gifts were sent by Jared Leto to his cast-mates and with the movie's release at the end of this week, Leto has finally offered up an explanation. The gifts he showered upon the other stars in the movie made headlines because they were not what most folks would call traditional gifts.

Mind games via The Joker.

Many of these offerings were downright scary and one in particular was just plain gross anyway you look at it.Leto plays The Joker in the movie and basically he was getting in the mind-set of the character by handing out these Weird Gifts.

He said it is the Joker who likes to "toy with peoples' minds," so he was just feeling the role.

Eerie and gross gifts

Some may say he went above and beyond while aiming for this goal. It appears that Leto wasn't actually sending the gifts to the other actors, he was sending the gifts to their characters. Along with these odd presents he wrote a poem to every character to accompany their gift, reports Cinema Blend. Leto did say that some reports were exaggerated and some of the gifts he reportedly handed out weren't true, but he won't say which were true or false!

Even once the filming was complete, a gift from Leto would pop up for one of the movie's stars. Leto, who talked with Fox 5 DC, said that he also sent some nice gifts, but they didn't make the news.

The interview with Fox 5 DC is seen in video below from YouTube.

Bullets, a rat and used condoms.

It's hard to imagine a headline that would convey howLetogave his cast-mate a tie or some other generic gift. But sending Deadshota briefcase filled with bullets is news-worthy and believe it or not, this was one of the more mundane gifts that Leto, aka The Joker,sent to those he was working with.

Leto does admit he went too far by sending "used condoms," but he did say there had been some exaggeration around some of the other gifts he bestowed upon his fellow actors. Margot Robbie got a live rat and he also incorporated a dead hoginto a video that he made for the entire cast.

Top it off with a cupcake?

Leto said he did give some gifts that were "nicer ones," but they didn't make the news... like cupcakes. It is hard to imagine after receiving a rat,used condoms and a briefcase full of bullets that the cast members would be comfortable enough to bite into those cupcakes!

Cast and crew were a bit freaked out.

Director David Ayer and actress Viola Davis did get a bit "freaked out" by these eerie gifts that kept coming, writes Cinema Blend. The rest of the cast was also feeling a bit on edge around Leto's gift giving habits! Check out the Suicide Squad extended trailer below, which has almost 4 million views in only a little more than a week!

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