Tonight Aug. 30, 2016 the hit TV series 'Motive' is ending its fabulous run. Actor Jaime Callica pretty much started his career with a guest role in season one, and has been building on his impressive filmography ever since. Known for his roles in the comedy film 'The Perfect Pickup', lead role in Lighthouse Pictures' 'Secret Millionaire', and roles in TV shows 'Almost Human' and 'The 100', Callica has been working opposite Djimon Honsou in FOX's hit ‘Wayward Pines,' This Toronto-born talent has also just joined the season two cast of the crime drama series 'The Romeo Section.'

Colleen Bement: Are you allowed to tell your fans much about your cool role in tonight's series finale of 'Motive'?

Jaime Callica: This episode was really special for me. One of my first acting jobs was on the season finale of Motive season one, so to be back but in a much larger, guest star capacity felt really great. The director, Andy Mikita, was really great. There were times where he'd pull me aside to help get the emotion right, but rather than bark at me or make me feel like I sucked (which some do!) we'd chat and find a way to tap into exactly what he was hoping to get out of me in a constructive and positive way.

I really appreciated that more than he could know. I'm super excited for it to air in Canada on Aug 30th and in the U.S. shortly after. Definitely some of my best work!

Look for Callica live-tweeting every Wednesday

CB: Let’s talk ‘Wayward Pines.' Fans are sure hoping there’s a season three. What was it like being on season two of this awesome show?

JC: Oh man, was it fun! I got to work with some of Vancouver's best, some mega star A-listers like Djimon Honsou and Mark Friedman, the show-runner and executive producer, who was mad cool.

And the fans...the best. I looked forward to live-tweeting every Wednesday, even during episodes I wasn't in, ha! I’m regularly online looking for confirmation of a season three, so until then, fingers tightly crossed.

Tune in to new TV series'The Romeo Section'

CB: Are you allowed to tell your fans much about your cool role in 'The Romeo Section'?

JC: I'm technically allowed to as it's been released by the shows publicity team, but I still haven't told more than maybe one or two people to be honest.

I really just want everyone to tune in and be shocked! But I will say this: My character (Don) is unlike anything I've played to-date. I smile so huge right now as I can't wait for Canada (and hopefully the world) to meet him. The season is going to be really great, can't wait for the October 5th premiere.

CB: Let's get to know you a little better. When you're not working, what do you like to do in your spare time? I read that you coach track and field at your old high school, Maple Ridge Secondary. How rewarding is that?

JC: I love going to the movies and live theater/musicals. I've seen them all thanks to my Ma, and when I have spare time, I'm usually sitting at a theater watching something!

I love traveling as well. Whenever I have the opportunity to see somewhere new on our gorgeous planet, I do. That, and visiting my family in Trinidad. If you've never been, just go! Helping the kids at school is super rewarding. Sadly, I was way too busy this season to get out there to coach the sprinters, but hopefully next year I'll manage my time effectively and get out on the track!

He loves 'Game of Thrones'

CB: Are there any TV shows that you have binged watched lately?

JC: As we chat, this was my first day off in, well...a minute! So I am doing nothing but watching the entire 6th season of 'Game of Thrones' and will do nothing else until it is finished.

CB:If you weren't an actor, what would yoube?

JC: I'd 1000% be a lawyer. That's what I wanted to my entire teen and young adult life. I still love the idea of being that sharp-tongued, genius lawyer that you can't help but love and hate simultaneously. 'Suits' and 'How to Get Away With Murder' get at me!

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