Jaden Smith is ignoring the suicide rumors circulating about him and announces his new Netflix series The Get Down. Several websites announced that the actor and rapper Jaden Smith dies as a result of suicide. However, a closer look reveals that the stories are from Facebook apps designed to create spam content.

People unknowingly share the spam content. It is unclear why Jaden has not put an end to these rumors; perhaps the actor is tired of it. Back in 2012, there were rumors that Jaden died in a snowboarding accident, and they also turned out to be false.

The Get Down

Jaden Smith’s new TV series The Get Down, is a hip-hop musical drama in which he portrays Marcus “Dizzee” Kipling, a graffiti writer raised in the South Bronx in the 70’s.

The Get Down characters are what would have been fashionable about 40 years ago with bright color tracksuits and the afro with sideburns. The show has a realistic feel to it, with graffiti artists and break dancers being consulted during the filming. It is a big budget series, costing $10 million per episode with a total of $120 million for 12 episodes.

In Good Morning America, Jaden Smith reveals that he was excited to film the series because it will be educational for those who don’t know much about the history of Hip Hop.

Suicide Squad

If you needed any more proof that Jaden Smith is not dead, he attended the premier of his father Will Smith’s new movie Suicide Squad.

Jaden talks to host Robin Roberts about how much he loves his father’s new movie.

He talked about being amazed at Will Smith’s performance stating “the way he was hitting that bag whoa!” Jaden Smith and co-star Justice Smith joke about having the same last name.

Justice recalls a prank where he stated that Jaden is his cousin. The Karate Kid actor modeled for Louis Vuitton in women’s clothes and had been praised for his gender fluid fashion style. The 18-year-old actor talks about his anti-bullying stance and hopes to be an example for kids who have an eccentric fashion sense.

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