The episode starts with Anika blaming Shivayafor throwing water at her because she has done the same to him many times. He does not pay heed to the blame and instead asks her to be thankful that he saved her life. But she notices a sly smile on his face.

Even without realizing it both Anika and Shivaaya spends the entire night thinking about each other. In the morning when Anika questions Sundari about the money that she had borrowed from dadi, she gives a vague answer that it will be returned after the bank transfers her the amount.

August 31, 2016, written update:

In the next scene, Rudda and Shivay confront Om to provide them with any detail that he knows about Bella. He draws a portrait of her and gives it to them. The youngest brother goes on a mission to find her and finally he sees her standing below the tree with cash in her hand. Rudraa calls his brother to apprise him that he has found her.

The scene again shifts to the bickering couple. Shivay is having a conversation on the phone when he hears a cry from Anika. So he rushes to meet her, he informs that due to negligence she keeps hurting herself.

But she is still focused on why did he throw water on her instead of waking her some other way. He makes no reply to that and rather asks her if she needs any medicine. She replies no and sarcastically replies unlike you; we people can survive without doctors.

After this scene, Anika comes to know that Sundari has spent Dadi's money and she runs to tell her.

While Omkara catches Shivaaya and asks him what is happening around. They start having an argument about Anika and what she has done for the family. But the older brother believes that with he himself on her side nothing bad can happen to her.

Both of them then calls Rudra to know how successful has the Mission Bella been so far.Before Rudra can inform them anything, Bella's father comes on the scene and calls her Ishana.

She goes to him and gives the cash, but then only it strikes Rudra that he is the same man who tried to con them by selling a stolen vintage car. He clicks a photo and sends it to Shiva's phone.

They are all shocked after realizing that Bella (Ishana) might be a con artist who is playing all this game to extract money from them.

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