Jaden Smith fans all over the world are freaking out over a fake suicide death hoax. A Facebook news scam is spreading a rumor that Jaden, son of Will Smith is dead.

Snopes investigated the story and found that it was a scam created by Facebook apps. The publication reports “the news was not true and didn't come from a legitimate source. In fact, users who clicked the above-displayed message were greeted with a popup message.”

The fake story is marked with websites like CNN and TMZ to make the story look legitimate.

The death story has been around since late July, and it is unclear what Facebook is doing to stop spreading the false rumors.

Jaden is Alive

The Karate Kid star is alive and well, promoting his new Netflix series “The Get Down” and hanging out with his father Will Smith, who is on tour promoting his latest movie Suicide Squad.

At the age of 18, Jaden Smith has a reported net worth of 8 million, and that doesn’t count all the millions he is set to inherit from his successful parents. The actor has not responded to the fake death story and seems to be busy with his career.

The actor is alive and has been photographed many times in New York this week where he is set to make appearances on several TV shows to promote his new TV series.

Sarah Snyder

The Karate Kid star is dating 21-year old Sarah Snyder; the two lovebirds were spotted kissing just yesterday. Their relationship has been strained by cheating rumors as an Atlanta photographer claimed that he had a relationship with the actor and rapper’s girlfriend.

Sarah denied the rumors, and it doesn’t seem to bother Jaden.

The Dailymail reports: “The pair looked very happy despite recent cheating rumors which came to light this week after a picture of Sarah with photographer Gunner Stahl started doing the rounds on the Internet.”

The actor is known for his keen fashion sense and has been seen wearing women’s clothes or creative apparel, such as masks and skirts along with jeans.

So there you have Jaden Smith is not dead, don’t believe everything you read on Facebook.

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