Andrea Tantaros stepped out with full-guns blazing making shocking allegations about theFox Newstop on-air personality Bill O'Reilly. While she's filed a lawsuit against Fox andRoger Ailes, it is Bill O'Reilly's name that was just added to the mix for allegedly making unwanted sexual advances to Tantaros. If this is true, this is the definition of a dirty old man!

Tantaros considered O'Reilly a friend

According to the New York Daily News today, Tantaros thought of O'Reilly as a friend and someone who was like a mentor to her when she was seeking career guidance.

It sounds as if Tantaros didn't see this coming with O'Reilly because he was someone she felt comfortable with as a friend, or maybe even a grandfather-like figure. That would feel like a betrayal for sure, as her lawsuit documents describe how O'Reilly turned from friend to allegedly behaving like a predator. According to the online Oxford Dictionary, a dirty old man is "An older man who is sexuallyinterested in younger women or girls." If the accusations in the lawsuit are true then Bill O'Reilly would fall under that definition.

Friend turned predator?

It was February of this year when that friendship Tantaros enjoyed disappeared and it changed into an uncomfortable situation. This is whenO'Reilly started sexually harassing her, claims Tantaros. O'Reilly asked her to come out to Long Island to stay with him, which is a place that would offer them much privacy. He also told her a few times that he can picture Tantaros as a "wild girl."

O'Reilly also told the Fox News analyst that he can envision her "wild side," which is in the court documents that Tantaros filed.

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This treatment from O'Reilly made Tantaros uncomfortable and she complained about his behavior. This did nothing but get Tantaros barred from O'Reilly's show.

Lawsuit cracks Fox culture wide open

Tantaros' lawsuit has cracked the behind-the-scene culture at Fox wide open. As far as the reasons given by the network for taking Tantaros off the air, it appears that something doesn't add up. Fox claims it is because Tantaros published a book without their permission and without them stepping in as part of the vetting procedure.

Fox uses ploy of Andrea's book

According to the lawsuit Tantaros has filed, this is a book that the network signed off on and this is a book that is being published by HarperCollins, which is a company owned by the same people who own Fox News. Andrea's lawyer said that the excuse of her book being the reason she's benched from Fox is nothing more than a sham to take the spotlight off the real reason Andrea is off the air.

The lawsuit claims she was suspended from Fox because she complained about all the sexual harassment she was subjected to by the network CEO, the famous on-air personality O'Reilly, and certain guests who also joined in on the behind-the-scenes culture at Fox. When all is said and done, these men appear to be old enough to be Tantaros' grandfather!

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