Bell is a well-known stunt performer and actor who is no stranger to adventure. Born and raised in Victoria, Canada, he found his athletic calling through hockey, soccer, mountain biking, and rollerblading. Fascinated bysci-fi, he quickly found his love of stunts after watching Star Wars. Jason has done stunt work in Supernatural and Smallville,Fear the Walking Dead and The Killing, Once Upon A Time andAlmost Human. Lately he can be seen onArrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and The Flash. His talent with Muay Thai, Parkour and Martial Arts also landed him work in huge films such as The A-Team, Man of Steel, X- Men: Days of Future Past, and Deadpool.

Get to know Jason Bell

Colleen Bement:You play Captain Kirk’s right-­hand man in the latest “Trek” film Star Trek Beyond. What canyou share about your character and your experiences on the set?

Jason Bell: The experience was surreal. I never thought when I got into this business I'd get an opportunity to work on such a massive and iconic franchise. I was beyond excited that I would get to dawn the classic red shirt and play Captain Kirk's number one security guard. It was one of the most fun and humbling opportunities I've had.

Everyone from the cast, crew and especially the stunt team were all amazing. I hope I get to dawn that red shirt again in the future.

Star Wars inspired Jason to get in to stunts

CB:Was there aparticular characterfrom Star Warsthat really influenced you?

JB: I grew up watching the trilogy and it's been my favorite ever since. The fantasy and sci-fi worlds and the vast background stories involved with the series always fascinated me.

I always wanted to be part of something like that. As far as any particular scene that would correlate with stunts, it wasn't untilStar Wars: Episode I–The Phantom Menacethat the stunts became next level compared toitspredecessors. The last epic battle scene with Obi Wan and Darth Maul was insanely cool and amazing to watch. Ray Park's movements as Darth Maul are amazing. Itdefinitelygave me a new respect for the art of film fighting and movement.

Supernatural fans have seen Jason

CB: What can you share about yourexperiences on the set?

JB: It's always a pleasure to go over and work there. The whole cast is amazing. Misha, Jared and Jensen are all super nice guys. Supernatural has become such a well-oiled machine. It's a very relaxed setting and I really can't ask for a more fun show to go work on.

CB: You served in Kandahar, Afghanistan, you’re aCertified PADI Divemaster and have come across sharks and God knows what. Now you’re astunt performer. Did you always seek out the life of excitement and danger?

JB: I wouldn't say I'm purely looking for danger around every corner, butI do like to challenge my fears and try to face them straight on.

I've always had mild claustrophobia so I figured what better way to curb that than to try diving. Now Iabsolutely love it. My next endeavor is to go great white shark cage diving in Gansbaai, South Africa.

CB: For you, what are thedifferences between filming TV shows and movies? Do you enjoy one over the other?

JB: On the surface you'd think TV and film would be one in the same and similar but everything from the prep, the way they shoot and usually the budgeting couldn't be any more different.For a movie, we'd probably rehearse a complex stunt scene for a week and take at least two weeks to shoot it.

For TV, we may have one day to rehearse and two days to shoot. I love working in TV because it's fast and efficient, but I prefer working on movies because I get the time to rehearse and prep massive scenes.

Loves his guitar

CB: What type of music do you love?

JB: Blues above all else. I got into blues in my late teens. My dad's always been a huge jazz and blues fan and that rubbed off on me. When I started to play guitar myself I gravitated towards Delta and Chicago style blues. I always tried to venture outside the style, but blues is in my soul and will always be my home base for music.

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