Normally films from Mumbai (Hindi) are supposed to do the greatest business in India and the world. Mumbai films are often referred to as the clone of Hollywood hold pride of place in Indian cinema.

This time, there is a revolution as the regionalTamil filmKabali has surpassed all the great blockbustersfrom Mumbai inside 9 days of itsrelease. Starring the 63-year-old Rajinikanth, Kabali has broken all records at the box office. In the bargain, it has left behind top chartbusters likeAamir KhansPKand Salman Khan starerSultanfar behind.

Success of Kabali

Kabali is an action movie shot mainly in Malaysia. It stars the superstar from Tamil films Rajnikanth as a man who takes on gangsters to help the beleaguered Indian community in Malaysia from a local don. The film also stars Taiwanese star Winston Chao in a supporting role.

The film is dubbed in English, Hindi and Telegu and has stormed the box-office. This is only the second time in nearly 75 years of a Tamil film breaking all India records. The previous film to set the charts ablaze was Baahubali.

Rajinikanth has a tremendous following mostly among the South Indian diaspora settled in SE Asia, Japan, and the Middle East. Most of these men and women identify with Rajinikanth, who has now ruled the Tamil screen for almost three decades.

The success of the film at the box office has surprised most people as most critics had just given it an average rating.Despite being a long-winded film, the charisma of Rajnikanth has ensured that the film has earned over $10 million in just 9 days and much more can be expected.

Future impact

The success of Kabali has broken a lot of myths. Generally, it was felt thatTamil films could not match films from Mumbai and Hollywood. But Rajnikanth has proved that even in the Middle East, hisfilm has earned more than any Hollywood film.

India produces the largest number of films in the world, more than Hollywood and this success of a regionalfilm has opened the eyes of the people to exciting possibilities ahead.

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