Perhaps, one major reason why many ladies remain single is their quest to find that perfect man. Unfortunately Mr. and Mrs. ‘perfect’ only exist in the movies, probably Bollywood. Nowadays, young boys and girls have a model of who they want to marry and they begin a weeding process by drawing out a list of characters and attributes they desire from the showbiz and entertainment industry.

Why we love and copy Celebs

Celebrities such as Usher Raymond, Justin Bieber and Snoop dog would appeal to ladies who are very attached to pop music and of course, their scintillating voices and dance steps.Taylor swift, Amber Rose, Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and the evergreen Beyonce could be the perfect deal for young men.

They’ve got amazing slim bodies that are socially defined as beautiful, they also possess the glamour and style that satisfies our sexual cravings.

When the flashy lives of celebrities become a yardstick for picking a partner, we can be likened to social robots, who possess no mind of our own.Most Celebrity marriages don’t work, some for obvious reasons ranging from infidelity to alcohol, drug related issues, busy schedule, self-esteem issues or pride and so on. When we observe them from outside, we are often tempted to equate them with gods, who are invincible and without blemish.

You might actually think of referring them to Rome to be pronounced as Saints.

Celebrities are just like us

We often forget the fact that they are just like us, they think like us, eat like us and feel like us. Celebrities also cry.What we see from the outside doesn’t represent perfection. If we must associate ourselves with their glory and fame, we must also be ready to absorb their scandalsand shame.

Ok, and it’s not funny, you can also expect wars of words on Twitter to expose your secrets at the slightest provocation. Isn’t this our definition of perfection? Don’t get it twisted -perfect partners don’t exist, unless NASA finds one for us in space and that’s probably going to be 5000 light years away.

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