Thousands of years ago, the great Athenian playwright Aristophanes produced "Lysistrata" which told the story of how Greek women decided to withhold sex from their men until they made peace and stop the Peloponnesian War. It is considered an insightful comedy, touching on relations between the sexes in a male dominated society. Fast forward 2,500 years and we have “Is that a Gun in Your Pocket?” an upcoming movie set in the small town of Rockford, Texas. An accidental discharge of a firearm at a local school causes the women of the town to band together and decide to withhold sex until all the men choose to give up their guns.

Hilarity and bawdiness ensue.

It is clear after watching the trailer for this film that no one connected with it has been to Texas or knows anyone from Texas. More importantly, they have no idea about the relationship of the right to keep and bear arms with life in flyover country. The film is filled with regional stereotypes and frankly sexist characterizations. Apparently, Texas women are ill-educated sluts, at least from what can see in the trailer. The men are not much better.

The fact that women, especially in Texas, like to own and use firearms seems not to have occurred to the people responsible for this movie.

Women like to go hunting. More importantly, firearm ownership has proven to be empowering for women, as illustrated by the fact that the fastest growing group of gun owners in America happen to be female.

With a little bit of thought, it is not hard to understand why ladies like guns. A firearm is a great equalizer between women and larger and stronger men who might wish to do them harm. The idea of women, especially Texas women, going on a sex strike to force a repeal of the 2nd Amendment is ludicrous.

To be sure, even Texas is not immune from anti-gun hysteria. Concealed carry laws, which have been in effect in Texas for over two decades, were recently extended to college campuses. The revision has caused a group of anti-second amendment students to parade about flourishing dildos in protest. If a sillier protest has ever erupted on a college campus, one is not aware of it. The movie, for what it is worth, opens September 16.

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