Game of Thrones included several stellar arcs in season 6, but one of the biggest talking points of the season was the death and eventual resurrection of Jon Snow. The commander of the nights watch led a brave resistance in season 5, single-handedly reversing the fortunes of the crows during their battle against the wildlings. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by his own men and eventually stabbed to death in the cold, white snow at the end of the season.

The reality of the afterlife

In a recent Interview with The Wrap, Kit Harrington expressed his initial disappointment regarding his character’s state of mind after coming back from the dead, and how he realized the effects of the resurrection would be subtle.

He said - “I knew I was coming back to life, but I didn't know if I'd come back as a changed person, as a villain. So I couldn't pre-plan anything, which was hard. And then I got the scripts, and actually, he comes back as himself, as the Jon that everyone knows. Which at first I found disappointing. But it's more subtle than that. He has an insight into what lies beyond that very few people in his world do, and that no one in our world does. He knows that there's no afterlife, which does quietly drive who he is and what he wants to do.”

Harrington makes several fair observations regarding his character and the fact that he realized that there is no glorious world waiting beyond the grave gave his character more purpose in this world.

You could immediately see Jon Snow become a tad bit more selfish and self-centered upon his revival, taking the big call to leave the prestigious post of Lord Commander. His death would have also brought an abrupt end to the arc surrounding his history, and that would have been extremely strange.

The fake goodbye

Another tricky situation that developed as soon as Harrington finished filming for season 5 was that he was aware of the fact that he would be coming back in season 6, but most of his cast members had no clue.

Harrington had to produce a sheepish goodbye for the sake of keeping the crew in the dark, pretending to be done playing his part in GOT, but apparently a lot of people didn’t buy this routine.

“It wasn't one of my proudest moments as an actor, either. I wasn't convincing at all. I didn't want to do a big speech and start crying, because I knew I'd be seeing these people next year. So I did a bit of a hash job on it, and I could tell a lot of them didn't buy it.” - said Harrington.

It is quite a weird predicament for an actor, attempting to lie directly to the faces of some of his colleagues, and one can understand why Harrington didn’t commit to this part of the process. In the end, the Lord Commander was resurrected, and that was for the best because the ‘Battle of the bastards’ was one of GOT’s finest hours.

Did you think Jon Snow was coming back to life? How did you like his character after the resurrection? Please leave your comments below.

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