Hillary Clinton's health problems aren't based in rumors and they're not being exaggerated for the purpose of political gains for her opponent. This became evident when Dr. Drew Pinsky, who was a guest on KABC's McIntyre in the Morning,was invited on the show to debunk some of the allegations on Hillary's health problems, but that backfired.

Concerns grow

Dr. Drew, which is the name he goes by, is a board-certified medical specialist who is well known as a doctor to the stars and highly respected for his knowledge in the medical field. He was on the show to set the record straight around all the concerns for Hillary Clinton's health after numerous pictures and video clips have surfaced showing the Democrat candidate needing help steadying herself lately.

No debunking here

Pinsky was expected to calm the concerns by discussing the diagnosis given to Hillary by her doctors as many believed that this is nothing more than a conspiracy against the presidential hopeful. While he hasn't treated Clinton, with his credentials he is qualified to speak to the diagnosis and what this entails for anyone being treated for this disorder.

Instead of debunking what some people believed to be rumors, the good doctor dropped a bombshell. Pinsky not only added more concerns aroundHillary's health, but he conveyed that the treatment she is getting for her disorder is something that is of grave concern to him and one of his colleagues.

1950s medical treatment

Dr. Drew said that Hillary Clinton is receiving "1950s-type of treatment" for her health problems, which stems from a rare disorder of “transverse sinus thrombosis." He stated that Hillary's medical condition was "dangerous" and "concerning." Another red flag for him is that one of the medications she is taking may be adding to her problems, reports Info Wars News.

This conclusion was reached after he and his colleague went over the medical records that are provided by Hillary Clinton herself on her website, according to Fox and Friends on Thursday morning.

Prism glasses and brain damage

On the show McIntyre in the Morning,Pinsky conveyed that he and hisinternest-pulmonologist colleague, Dr. Robert Huizenga, are "gravely concerned" about both Hillary's health and the health care she is receiving. The anchors onFox and Friends discussedone of Pinsky's observations that was rather shocking. Pinsky said there were a few other things they've observed about Hillary that are also of great concern.

He then said, "When she hit her head, she had to wear those prism glasses. That was brain damage," which was also quotedCharisma News.

Scary drug

Coumadin, the blood thinner which Hillary is taking, is an old drug and it has been replaced with newer and safer drugs today. Coumadin is also what is used for rat poisoning, but when it is used in small dosages it works as a blood thinner. In Clinton's case it used because she has had blood clots, but this dangerous medication can cause bleeding in the brain. Dr. Drew said what is going on with Hillary's health care really looks "bizarre" from their medical stand point.

Dr. Drew spawns even more concerns

The audio for Pinsky's visit to the station was online, but it has since been taken down, according to Fox and Friends today.

What was suppose to be a show putting an end to the Hillary Clinton health concerns backfired greatly when Dr. Drew offered his honest insights on what he and another colleague found by going over her medical records, which she herself made public. Videos of Hillary making odd movements have also been cited by folks on social media. In one of these clips, which is seen below, Hillary seems to make some strange head jerks after she laughs and while some say she was just goofing around, others think these movements look involuntary.

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