It is quite hard to determine how pop-culture really affects global consciousness and the way it is shaping the future of our world. The field is so vast and dynamic, that it is nearly impossible to understand its effects on the people consuming such large quantities of ideas from various creative minds from around the world. A recent study tried to narrow down the scope of this thought and focus purely on Harry Potter fans and their point of view about Donald Trump, and it obviously didn’t go well for Trump.

Reading makes Trump look bad

A study conducted by Diana Mutz, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania titled ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Donald’, has come to the conclusion that people in the U.S who read Harry Potter books have a lower opinion about Trump than the general public. The opinion about the aspiring Presidential candidate apparently gets worse as they read more books. This study is set to be published in American Political Science Association’s Political Science and Politics Journal in a couple of months.

The telling themes

GFK, a data collection company that helped Mutz during this study, conducted a poll featuring 1,142 Americans in an attempt to evaluate the relevance of Harry Potter consumption and the corresponding attitudes towards Trump. According the Mutz, the constant comparison between Voldemort and Trump was one of the inspirations for this study.

Mutz said that three themes genuinely stood out when comparing Trump and Potter’s worlds, and these had a substantial effect on the study.

This includes tolerance towards varied opinions, opposition to outright violence and the impending dangers of an authoritarian world. Mutz noted that these three themes were also prominently observed during the 2016 election season.

The survey questioned participants regarding similar themes including queries about the death penalty, treatment of minorities and waterboarding, and expected the volunteers to answer the question on a scale of zero to 100.

When the results were tabulated, it was observed that whenever a volunteer read a Harry Potter book, their evaluation of Trump decreased by two to three points per book.

J.K Rowling responds to the survey

The author almost immediately heard about the results of this study, and was evidently pleased with them. Rowling has never been a fan of Trump and has in fact been quite outspoken regarding her opinions about the business Mogul. Learning that her fans are following her lead must have been extremely satisfying for the author.

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