Gwen Stefani is in for a big surprise from Blake Shelton and an insider is divulging all of the information. It seems that Blake wants to include fans in his proposal to Gwen!

Shelton in talks with The Voice producers to propose on TV

Blake is said to be in talks with producers of The Voice to propose on live TV to Gwen. It's possible that an on-air engagement will play out, which would only be fitting given the fact that Gwen and Blake fell in love while appearing as judges on the show.Gwen won't be on the next season, which begins in September, because she's on tour.

Blake, however, is talking the executives into bringing Gwen back for season 12, even though season 11 hasn't started yet. That new season of The Voice begins in September.

Couple to get big bonus if on-air engagement occurs

According to the source, both were told that if they got engaged on the show, there would be a big bonus for them and the "offer still stands."

Family time in Cincinnati

In other news revolving around Gwen and Blake, the two were in Cincinnati Monday where they got an ice cream at Norwood Delite Creamy Whip.

The stop before Gwen's concert at Riverbend Music Center to be held Tuesday night.The couple weren't alone. Gwen's sons (Zuma and Apollo) were at the ice cream stand as well. They all enjoyed some family time and relaxation. The two were also spotted with Apollo at the Cincinnati Zoo Monday night.Blake plans to join Gwen onstage to perform their duet "Go Ahead and Break My Heart."

A lot has happened for Blake and Gwen in one year.

They both endured painful divorces that led them to one another. The two had their share of heartache, but came out of it happier and healthier in the end. Blake and Gwen helped each other get through the hardest times of their break-ups and came together as a result. The pair are always praising each other and express how thankful they are for the relationship they have.

Will Blake Shelton propose to Gwen Stefani live on The Voice?

If so, it could be a ratings hit for the network.

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