Greta Van Susteren is firing back today after the Fox News host has been the target of criticism for supporting Roger Ailes when he was first accused of sexual harassment by Gretchen Carlson. Susteren is defending her support for the former CEO, which she offered before the flood gates at Fox opened up and 20 other women, along with Andrea Tantaros and Megyn Kelly, also claimed Ailes had sexually harassed them as well as Carlson. Today Greta suddenly finds herself a villain in the eyes of the public and she wants to set the record straight!

Totally in the dark

To tell her side of this storyVan Susteren posted a statement to her Greta Wire Blog to say that she did not sexually harass anyone and she didn't know about other women being sexually harassed.

She also said that she did not perpetuate the problem by keeping it a secret. Apparently, scores of people have accused Greta of knowing this was going on and keeping it under wraps.

Greta Van Susteren was one of the first Fox News personalities to support Roger Ailes when Gretchen Carlson filed her sexual harassment against the Fox CEO. Susteren has paid dearly for backing Ailes via criticism from the public who have lambasted the On The Record host via social media and in the headlines.

Ailes her boss 15 years

Susteren, who always had a good working relationship with Ailes, never witnessed any of the reported sexual harassment at Fox.She also reports that she hadn't heard any complaints of inappropriate behavior until Carlson came out with her lawsuit.

She said she had lunch with Carlson before her sexual harassment lawsuit came out and while Carlson complained she was unhappy at Fox News, she never mentioned being sexually harassed by anyone, including Ailes. Carlson said she was unhappy at Fox, but not because she was being harassed, it was because she was being shuffled around and given less airtime in the Fox News station's lineup.

Blindsided by lawsuit

When Carlson came out with her lawsuit, Van Susteren was taken back because she had just listened to Gretchen complaining about her discontentment at Fox Newsand she never mentioned Ailes' inappropriate behaviors, which she has listed in her lawsuit. Gretchen is defending what she said, which was she never witnessed or heard her co-workers complain about.

Greta still not in the know

With that said, Van Susteren is still in the dark about the events that occurred with Carlson and Ailes, but she gives kudos to Carlson for speaking up. The Fox News host writes, "P.S. Gretchen, you go girl." and backs this by saying... "She (Carlson) KNEW about it and SPOKE up." She also wrote online that when she spoke up supporting Ailes last month, she didn't mean that what Carlson was accusing Ailes of doing didn't happen, she was just saying she never heard of it happening.

Not as informed as she thought she was?

When Gretchen first spoke up with her support for Ailes back in July, he was denying Carlson's allegations and he was still the CEO of Fox News. At that time she told The Wrap that if there was something along these lines going on behind the scenes, she would have heard about it.

Today Greta learns that she doesn't necessarily have her finger on the pulse of Fox News behind the scenes!

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