Gregg Allman, 68, has been advised by his doctors to cancel several of his upcoming shows due to a serious health issue. The news was announced on Friday, that Gregg would be unable to perform for several weeks due to an undisclosed, but serious health issue.

Singer Gregg Allman hospitalized

Allman, who is currently being treated at the Mayo Clinic has released a statement thanking fans for all the support and well wishes during his illness. He also stated that he will be taking this time off to focus on recovery and is looking forward to getting back on the road again in the near future.


At this time Gregg has high hopes of getting back on the road and returning to the stage for The Laid Back Festival in Atlanta on October 29th. Following the Atlanta stop, Gregg has ten shows scheduled at NYC's City Winery which will begin on November 6th. The singer's recent cancellations will affect shows, both solo as well as shows with ZZ Top.

This is not the first time Gregg has been forced to cancel shows due to health issues. In 2011, the singer suffered a serious upper respiratory condition that followed his liver transplant in 2010, which took the singer six weeks to recover from.

During a recent interview, Gregg revealed that so far, 2016, has been one of his best years yet, stating that while recording his latest record he has had the pleasure of working with some really incredible people along the way.

Allman was unable to go into too many details concerning the upcoming album, the only details he could give away at the time is how proud of the work he is, and that they have 'cut an incredible' record full of some really great new songs.


Allman talks new record and possible reunion tour with Allman Brothers' Band

The singer has been focusing on his solo career since 2014, stated about his band "The Allman Brothers' Band, that as far as the band goes, he believes that they are far from over. In fact, he revealed that he foresees a future reunion tour in the next couple of years and that it is a subject that the band has begun to seriously discuss.

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