Actress/Comedian Leslie Jones has been officially invited to the 2016 Summer Olympicsin Rio. Earlier this week, Jones was hilariously live-tweeting the games, which gained an immense amount of popularity, a huge change in the tone from just a few weeks ago.

Leslie Jones received hate on Twitter before the Olympics

With the successful release of the 2016 reboot of "Ghostbusters" came Internet trolls, and as the most active on social media, Jones took the bulk of their wrath. Jones retweeted racist and sexist comments made towards her, and eventually deactivated her account.

However, she did receive outpouring love from fans and celebrities, and made her way back online just in time for the Olympics, which definitely seemed to work out pretty well.

Jones' tweets about the Olympics gained a lot of attention

After the many videos, and photos she's posted of herself, and her screens while watching the Olympics, producer Mike Shoemaker reached out to executive producer of NBC's Olympics program Jim Bell with a suggestion:

Initially, it was unclear if Bell was serious,and even Jones showed some skepticism.

But Bell confirmed he was serious, and surely,it was a pretty hard offer to turn down. Leslie took to Twitter on the afternoon of August 8, confirming she was, indeed, heading to Rio very soon!

Everyone in Rio is anticipating Leslie Jones' arrival

Everyone is seriously a fan of Jones and her tweets, even hosts and athletes already in Rio.

As she tweeted athletes during her online commentary, she received tons of love back from them. Now, they know she's on her way, and they couldn't be more excited.Olympic race walker John Nunn told Jones that he'd see her at practice tomorrow. He is surely joking, but it shows the excitement that these athletes have in her being there.

Ryan Seacrest, a huge name among many, even invited Jones to come co-host Olympic Late Night with him.

That's something viewers have to see! However, it's still unclear as to when Jones will finally touch down in Rio, but hopefully she packed her awesome American flag onesie.

Jones loves the Olympics because of how it brings people from all over together, which it absolutely has. The Internet is truly powerful!

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