Like his character on Lifetime's hit show UnREAL, Actor Gentry White is ambitious and talented. Gentry took time out of his very busy schedule to chat about his starring role on the highly anticipated season two of Lifetime’s cult show that recently returned June 6, 2016.Inspired by playing deep, complex characters, he is also well known for his role as Billy Lee in AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies.Born in Monroe, NC to a single mother who encouraged him, Gentry started out in theater programs and then made his way to Los Angeles.

Colleen Bement: What can you share about your role and experience so far on season two of UnREAL?

Gentry White: UnREAL has been a fantastic experience. The cast and crew are some of the kindest people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.My role as Romeo has been great as well. He is the sports manager to the current suitor this season, but he also happens to be suitors’ cousin. In a lot of ways Romeo is like me personality wise.He is ambitious and will do whatever it takes to make sure his family is taken care of, and I mean whatever it takes! However, in other ways, his lifestyle is one that I can only imagine.

Gentry plays historic role in AMC hit show

CB: Tell your fans what it's like to play the role of Billy Lee on AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies.

GW: Portraying Billy Lee has been a dream.

I’ve always wanted to do period pieces. I’m so intrigued by the clothing and the lifestyles of different points in time.I was surprised when I was being fitted for my costume because Billy Lee is dressed in such fine clothing due to his position next to George Washington.

However, he being a slave made me assume I’d be wearing something much different.

I also didn’t know Billy Lee actually existed; I thought perhaps they’d imagined I’m up for the show, but to find out I would be playing someone of real importance in history made me that much more grateful to have gotten the role.

While Billy Lee has been one of my favorite characters to portray, I hope as we move forward in the TV and film world we can move past the portrayal of slaves as the few stories told of people of color.

Actor spent 18 months in Ghana

CB: I read that you went on an 18-month mission to Ghana.What did you take away from that experience?

GW: My mission there was an experience I will never forget. It was tough at times.The food was different, the people were different, and the lifestyle was different. But after about six months I had settled in.I was 19 at the time so being that young and having that sort of adventure made me grow in ways that I don’t think college could have. I moved to LA shortly after, andI felt like nothing could stop me because of my experiences in that country.

CB: I see that you "dabble" in writing science fiction when you have spare time.My favorite genre. Are you working on a short story?

GW: The story I’m working on started out of frustration. I was upset that every fantasy series I saw never had an ethnic lead. Harry Potter, I AM NUMBER 4, The Covenant, etc… And I wanted to write a short film script that had a young black lead as an example to show that, in the fantasy world especially anything goes. Why not an Indian, Asian or Latino lead?

I then had a couple of writer friends read it and they challenged me to expand the story and write it as a series, so I’ve been working on that off and on. It’s so cool to imagine my characters coming to life one day.

CB: Who's your favorite sci-fi author?

GW: Honestly, I haven’t read many sci-fi books to have a favorite. But I liked the book ‘Zoo City’ by Lauren Beukes.I really liked the ‘Beautiful Creatures’ series by Cami Garcia as well.

Anything dealing with magic and sorcery more so than superheroes is where my interest lies.

Great choice for favorite superhero

CB: Do you have a favorite superhero?

GW: I use to always say Rouge because I like the idea of absorbing other people’s powers. But really, I’m most interested in super-villains. They have the most fun.

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