When HBO recently announced that Game of Thrones would be wrapping up after season 8, the news shocked and surprised a lot of fans of Westeros who would have loved to see their favorite fictional world live on on television. George R.R. Martin followers will be pleased to hear that the author’s long time epic comic book universe ‘Wild Cards’ has been picked up by Universal Cable Productions and will soon be making its way to your television screens.

What’s worse than World War II?

The concept of the series is bound to appeal to the audience today, despite the series being launched all the way back in 1986.

It involves a world as thorough as the one on GOT, while featuring everyone’s new favorite breed of characters – Superheroes. The story is set during the Second World War which comes to a grinding halt due to an unexpected alien virus being unleashed on the world.

Only 10 percent of the total population manage to survive the epidemic but the survivors end up paying a dear cost. While nine out of the ten survivors end up getting terribly disfigured, the remaining few get blessed with superpowers that are doubly useful due to the current state of the world.

As always, a few people choose to use their powers for good, while others try to take advantage of the weakened world with their new found abilities.

High-Profile team

The beautiful aspect of the ‘Wild Cards’ universe is the fact that George R.R. Martin opened up his story to a lot of writers. This allowed people like Pat Cadigan, Chris Claremont, and Roger Zelanzny to make valuable contributions to the story line and help create a distinct tone for the series.

Some of the famous characters that belong to this fascinating world include Doctor Tachyon – the alien responsible for releasing the virus on Earth, Cap’n Trips – a man who relies on hallucinogenics to enhance his powers, and the Great and Powerful Turtle – a being with telekinetic talents and the ability to encase himself in a strong shell.

The next big step

After delivering on a stellar television series, it was obvious that production execs would look to George R.R.

Martin for the next big project. It is satisfying to see that the new project seems a lot more intense that GOT and could well be the gritty superhero universe that could put the likes of Marvel and DC to shame.

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