New General Hospital spoilers tease that things are about to get quite crazy in Port Charles. The “Angel of Mercy” killer is set to strike again and multiple lives appear to be at stake. Where are things headed in the coming episodes based on the new preview shared by ABC?

General Hospital teasers reveal that more drama between Elizabeth and Rachel is on the way

Rachel was dealt a bit of bad news via her mother when she learned that Nikolas named Laura as the trustee of his estate. Naomi tried to convince Rachel to leave town, but she isn't headed anywhere at this point.

General Hospital spoilers via the new preview tease that she will be having another vicious confrontation with Elizabeth and viewers are anxious to see what they think is an upcoming reveal that the two are actually sisters.

Laura will be facing a shocking visitor at Wyndemere, and fans are curious to see just who shows up at the door. It seems too early for this to be a still-alive Nikolas, as actor Tyler Christopher has hinted that he is hopefully returning this fall.

Some also wonder if Luke could pop up and surprise her, but this visitor may well be someone far less shocking.

The serial killer is set to strike again and General Hospital spoilers share that Monica will be quite distressed over the continuing situation as she and Finn appear to find another victim. Who is terrorizing everybody at GH including multiple patients, Lucas, Bobbie, and others?? There is building buzz among viewers that Dr.

Andre Maddox may well be the culprit, and according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, answers will be coming during a blackout in Port Charles next week.

Who is really responsible for the deaths at General Hospital?

Elizabeth is going to be shoved down a flight of stairs soon, and everybody will have to tune in to see if this is connected to the serial killer case. Heather is due to pop up again, expressing disdain toward a visitor, and fans know that this could be related to Naomi in some way, or it could be connected to Franco as well.

Ava pops up in this new promo and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she is left stunned by something. Much of her time lately has been spent trying to drive a wedge between Kiki and Morgan, and she is messing with his medications to try to make it happen. Is she unnerved by something related to Morgan or by something else?

Soap Central confirms that a power outage will hit the hospital during the coming week and chaos erupts as a result. An arrest is on the way and answers seemingly will be revealed. Is Andre the serial killer or is someone else responsible? When will Rachel and Elizabeth learn the truth about their connection, and when will Nikolas return home?

General Hospital spoilers tease that things will be quite intense and fans will not want to miss what comes next.

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