What's coming up on Friday's episode of General Hospital? Spoilers share that Kristina will be confronting Alexis about what happened with Parker while Julian is facing a bit of a surprise in jail. Lulu has a matter to take care of and Franco will be sharing a difficult conversation with Elizabeth. What else is on the way with the August 12 show?

General Hospital teasers hint at drama for Kristina and Alexis

Kristina will seemingly realize after talking with Aaron that Alexis was involved in nudging Parker out of town and We Love Soaps details that she is going to let her mother know what she thinks of this.

Will Alexis be able to convince her daughter that what she did was for the best?

Sam was surprised and thrilled to find out that she is pregnant, and she ended up telling Elizabeth the news. However, Jason doesn't know yet and General Hospital spoilers indicate that he will pick up on the fact that she is keeping something from him and he tries to get her to reveal what she's hiding.

Lulu is said to want to handle some outstanding matters and she asks Dante to get her in to see Valentin. Is she trying to find out the truth about whether the remains she stumbled over were Luke's? Someone certainly set things up to look that way, but not everybody is quite so sure Luke is dead.

Will Elizabeth and Franco be the nextGeneral Hospital supercouple?

Elizabeth and Franco will cross paths and General Hospital spoilers hint that he will be feeling a bit sorry for himself. He rants about how he will always be seen as the bad guy, but she may try to give him some positive encouragement.

As much as he is continuously drawn to the dark side, he is also drawn to Elizabeth and she may be just what he needs in order to push him to follow a different path.

Finn will be confronting Obrecht during Friday's show and teasers hint that he will be hurling some accusations her way. The buzz is that this confrontation will get quite intense and juicy and fans cannot wait to see how it plays out.

In addition, Julian finally was on the brink of escaping, but he dropped the keys he was given and someone stepped in before he could grab them. Is this Jordan busting his escape plan?

Will Sam go ahead and tell Jason about the pregnancy, or will she wait a bit yet? Will Lulu get what she needs from Valentin, and is romance on the way for Elizabeth and Franco? What comes next for Julian as he scrambles to find a way to freedom? General Hospital spoilers hint that there is plenty more drama on the way and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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