Good news is just in for "General Hospital" fans to the tune of a fan-favorite returning to Port Charles. Bradford Anderson's Spinelli has been a particularly big hit with the soap crowd. His quirks and kind heart made him appealing to the ladies, but his loyalty and computer skills are what connected him to Jason "Stone Cold" Morgan.

When will Spinelli Appear?

Soap Opera Digest confirms that Bradford Anderson will begin airing as Spinelli on September 2. This means there is a reason for him to return to Port Charles from Portland.

Spinelli has been brought back several times since he moved to Portland with his daughter and girlfriend back in 2013. He was a key player in cracking the "Jake Doe" mystery, which lead to the discovery that Jason Morgan was alive but couldn't remember who he was.

The relationships Spinelli has in Port Charles are some of the most important ones on the canvas. He is the father of Maxie's daughter, Georgie. He was connected to Jason and Samand has connected with Sonny in the process. Carly adores him, which says a lot about what kind of character he is and the importance of his return.

How long will Spinelli stick around?

Right now, there isn't any information about why he will be back in Port Charles. Speculation is that he may come to help Maxie out with the Claudette issue, or perhaps to pick up the broken pieces of her life. Fans watched as it was exposed that Griffin was the man Nathan shot for sleeping with Claudette, and Maxie felt the ultimate betrayal. "General Hospital" has woven this story into the canvas tightly, leaving fans wondering what else is going to come to light.

As the summer draws to an end in a few weeks, the "General Hospital" writers will be gearing up for November sweeps. Spinelli could be coming back to town to help set the stage for some craziness the writers have in store. Ratings are important and Spinelli always brings in the views.

Bradford Anderson did not specify how long his character will be sticking around Port Charles. He is not under contract so it is likely a short stint.

Fans hoped he would return for good, but it appears that just isn't in the cards this time around.

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