What can everybody expect from Wednesday's episode of General Hospital? Spoilers detail that the Davis ladies will be facing difficult moments and Laura will be sharing some emotional moments with Tracy. What else is on the way with the August 17 show?

WillGeneral Hospital really have Alexis lose her law license?

Alexisis facing a disbarment hearing and General Hospital spoilers share that this will move forward during Wednesday's show. She tried to get help from Julianto prevent the loss of her license, but he declined to assist her. She is clearly scared, but previews tease that Diane is still holding out a little bit of hope.

Diane will mention that she believes there is a chance that the board will rule in favor of Alexis if there is any gray area they can find to justify their decision. According to Soap Central, the buzz is that Olivia will be stepping up to support Alexis during the hearing, demanding that she have an opportunity to speak. As the week continues, viewers will see Alexis and Nina talk and this could make for an interesting conversation.

Kristina had an intense conversation with her mother over the Parker situation and now General Hospital spoilers detail from We Love Soaps note that she is facing a major confrontation with Molly. Previews show the two sisters arguing, with Kristina initially confused about why Molly is so angry.

As this plays out, it seems that Kristina will come to resent Molly's decision to get involved in the situation and things will be tense.

General Hospital teasers hint that Lulu and Dante's baby situation could bring shockers

Viewers will see Lulu and Dante talking about their progress toward having another baby together and viewers know that they have been working toward this for some time.

However, many suspect that Helena's antics and the hint she left in her will are going to create some obstacles in this situation. There is some drama ahead for Franco and Elizabeth andGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that Laura and Tracy will be connecting and things get emotional.

Most would imagine that this connection between Tracy and Laura that involves a hug will be about Luke and the concerns over the remains found on Cassadine Island.

The two women have had their battles over the years, but they have shared some tender moments as well and Luke does still link them together.

Will Alexis get good news at the hearing? Are Franco and Elizabeth destined to be together? General Hospital spoilers tease that there are big things ahead yet this week and fans cannot wait to see what comes next.

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