Blonde exceeds audience expectations

After a four year hiatus from releasing any solo music Frank Ocean finally surprises us with his highly anticipated sophomore album Blonde, which was originally titled Boys Don't Cry. You know how they say all great things take time? Well if you're anything like me who specifically signed up to Apple Music for Frank Ocean's sophomore debut, you're already in love with Blonde. Great things are not done overnight and Blonde proves that with every song being completely in sync with one another, there's not a single song on the album that's out of tune or out of place.

Frank Ocean perfected the dynamics of his artistic vocals and the soulful harmony in his music. The multi genre feeling that the instruments provides throughout each beat instantly grabs the audience attention. Incorporating several genres like Jazz, Blues, Rock, and Hip Hop to portray his life story and also others, especially at such a critical time. Involving his struggles with expressing his sexuality and others perception of him that we all can relate to. This is the modern day blues, as I listen to Blonde with a tear running down my face. Frank expresses the importance of being who you're created to be regardless of the judgement of others. People will judge you regardless of what you're doing in life.

Blonde may be better than Channel Orange

Frank Ocean's debut album Channel Orange reintroduced R&B's urban soul which initiated high commercial volume and expectations for a follow up album. Channel Orange topped the charts and won the 2013 Grammy Award for Best R&B performance over Miguel's Kaleidoscope Dream and Chris Brown's Fortune.

Frank Ocean made waves after his first album and since his absence fans began to wonder if he would ever return to solo music again. Well, after only one listen I can instantly declare Blonde as potentially the album of the year. For its creative unique soul that captures Frank's vocals and overall sound perfectly.

I may have to listen a few more times, but from the first listen it sounds like Blonde is better than Channel Orange, and Channel Orange is without any a doubt a classic.

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