In all fairness, I have to start by saying I am a resident of Louisiana. This state has my heart and I have roots here. We all know that hurricanes and flooding are part of the risk we take by living here in order to have the lifestyle we have chosen. Those that aren't from here often ask why we would live in a place with these risks. The answer is different for all but the common bond is the lifestyle.

Sportsman's paradise

We love the shrimping, crabbing, alligator hunting, fishing. We love crawfish ponds. We respect Mother Nature and fear it all at the same time. We live on "bayou time." No wristwatch isneeded, no need to hurry or we would have left yesterday.

It is relaxed, casual, and friendly.

The flooding that is happening in our state right now is massive. No hurricane or tropical storm, just rain. Lotsof rain. There are 20 parishes that have been declared a major disaster by the government. The evacuation efforts have been massive but still unable to keep up with the rising water.

Money is always an issue in a major disaster. According to Yahoo Music Taylor Swift has stepped up in a big way. She donated a million dollars to the relief efforts in our state. That money will make it possible to save more lives as well as provide shelter and supplies for the residents who have lost so much. This Louisiana gal thanks Miss Swift as I am sure those impacted by this tragedy do as well.

Louisiana residents pull together and take care of their own. Many, many residents joined the rescue efforts by forming what has become known as the Cajun Navy. The freeway was a huge convoy of trucks pulling boats stocked with supplies coming from all directions into the flooded parishes.

We have seen heroic stories of regular people saving their neighbors, rescuing pets, helping each other through, and teaming together to ensure they all survive the rising water.

We have also seen stories of heartbreak as at least 11 confirmed deaths have been reported.

If youare interested in helping with the relief efforts, there is a state run site where you can find volunteer opportunities as well as donate to the efforts. A big thanks one more time to Taylor Swift, as well as the Cajun Navy.

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