It has already been an interesting year for television so far, with the likes of Vice-Principles, Stranger Things, Preacher and The Night Of making huge ripples in their respective networks. There are still plenty of great shows that are due to be released this year, and this feature focuses on the five most anticipated shows of the lot.

Codes of Conduct

This period drama, starring freshman Devon Terrell, tells the story of Beverly Snow, a self-assured and intelligent African-American man attempting to grind through existing social barriers and make the most of a time most people would refer to as ‘primitive’.

The show is going to be a six-parter and will be directed by acclaimed filmmaker Steve McQueen. It will be co-written by Mcqueen and Matthew Michael Carnahan of ‘World War Z’ fame and is due to premier on HBO later this year.

The Girlfriend Experience

The Girlfriend Experience tries to focus on an issue that is quite relevant in America today – the tremendous amount of debts students have accumulated, and the things they have to do to pay them off.

We are introduced to a Chicago law student in this series who enters the world of ‘high-class escorts’ to make ends meet. Her trials and tribulations end up forcing the core of this series. Steven Soderbergh will be producing this show and it will be directed by Lodge Kerrigan.


Westworld, based on a Michael Crichton book of the same title, is a story about a modern, technologically advanced theme park, intent on accurately simulating a disturbing world based on the days of the wild, wild west.

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TV Shows

J.J. Abrams is producer and co-creator of this sci-fi adventure, while the camera will be handed over to the capable hands of Jonathan Nolan (co-writer of The Dark Knight and The Prestige). It also features a stellar cast capably led by Anthony Hopkins. The show is set to premier on October 2nd and will find a home on HBO.


Tom Hardy will be taking on his first serious role on television, playing James Delaney on Taboo.

His character will be a hardened adventurer who is attempting to avenge the death of his father under questionable circumstances. The fact that he has recently stolen 14 precious diamonds adds a layer of complexity to this storyline. This mini-series will have 8 episodes in all and has been written by Steven Knight – the man responsible for Peaky Blinders.

The Young Pope

We clearly don’t have enough shows that examine the nature of religion and religious institutions, and The Young Pope will hopefully change that this year.

The show will give us the story of Lenny Belardo, the youngest pope in History, and the events that occur after he takes his place in the holiest place on Earth. The Oscar-winning Paolo Sorrentino will be responsible for bringing us this intriguing tale this year.

Which of these shows are you most excited about?

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