Erika Girardi is still working on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, according to a message tweeted by Lisa Rinna. On Wednesday, Lisa posted a black pillow that had a vulgar saying on it with a caption mentioning the workday with Erika.

Latest tweet defies firing rumors

The pillow had a message sewn into it that read, "I've tried to stop swearing but I c**t." The caption Lisa added reads, "Since I'm working with the @ErikaJayne today this seemed kind of appropriate."

Does this mean Lisa and Erika are getting along well or having some challenging moments during filming? The fact that Lisa calls it "working" sounds like the two are in the midst of taping season 7 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Some reports speculate that Erika Girardi has been fired from the show, but a few hints have surfaced that she's still very much a part of the cast and is returning to the show.

Kyle Richards posted some Snapchat photos from Erika's birthday party that was caught on film quite recently. All the cast was seen and having a great time. Filming for the show is underway, so for the whole cast to be at Erika's birthday party with cameras around proves she's still part of the show.

Erika is a relatable addition on RHOBH

When it was revealed that Yolanda Hadid wasn't coming back for season 7, it was automatically assumed that Erika wouldn't be back either since she came on the show as Yolanda's friend.

Erika has since established her own fan base on the reality show. She's a somewhat relatable addition on RHOBH with her ability to connect with regular people. She's expressed that she isn't interested in being a Beverly Hills skinny mini (though she still has a killer body) and refuses to be anything other than herself.

As she told the ladies early last season when they saw some of her risque music videos, she's "not selling cookies." And she's more than alright with that.

As for being married to a rich man in his 70s, Erika dismisses any negative talk about her. Aside from being a down-to-earth woman at heart, Erika adds a dash of humor to the show with her sheer authenticity and her way with words.

It looks promising that Erika Girardi is returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7.The show's official cast lineup hasn't yet been announced.

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