Eminem was reportedly the target of a murder plot that was developed by Suge Knight in 2001 according to one of Eminem's former bodyguards. The rapper's former pal and employee has revealed that Suge had it out in the early 2000s for his boy Em. During a recent sit-down chat with "Murder Master Music Show" Brian "Big Naz" Williams claims that one night about a decade and a half ago he had to get in between a heated confrontation involving the rapper and several members of Knight's crew which took place at the Source Awards.

Eminem escapes murder attempts

Naz described the night revealing that all of a sudden he looked into the aisle to see his boss getting into a very intense verbal battle with several of Knight's men He adds that Eminem's color was a bright red and the tension was very high and he knew he needed to get him out of there quick before something really bad happened.Brian continues saying that he and a few of Dr.

Dre's guards intervened, muscling their way in to get Eminem out of there.

Suge Knight in jail for criminal activity including possible murder

At the present time, Suge Knight remains behind bars until his trial date for several felony charges where he was accused of mowing down two men while on the set of "Straight Outta Compton." Williams details more abut Eminem's close encounter adding that the entire blowup was over seating arrangements. Rules stated that artists' bodyguards were not permitted to sit together. This was the first attempt on the rapper's life according to Williams. The second went down when they were in Hawaii, this was the "scariest moment yet," he reveals.

Trouble in Hawaii

On their arrival to the Islands, he states that their plane was met by twenty police officers, who told them that Death Row was also there and that 50-men were ordered by Knight to break up their show. This event, he claims, forced everyone to take measures to protect themselves, arming all with guns and bulletproof vests.

It also appears at this time that Suge had listed several rappers as enemies, which also included 50 Cent, and Dr. Dre and wanted them "harmed."

Again, Knight is in jail with a ten million dollar bond. It is also now wondered just how safe will Williams be after Suge gets wind of his recent interviews?

Who says the music business isn't dangerous?

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