Jill Duggar Dillard fans and foes are divided over possible car seat safety violations she and husband Derrick Dillard have imposed on son Isaac Dillard.Derrick posted a pic of the little guy in his seat, and several safety issues were noted. Fans were quick to defend the Duggar Dillard parents, but others feared for the baby's safety.

Jill Duggar parenting questioned

Is baby Isaac Dillard in an unsafe car seat? Well, first of all, he's only one and facing forward which is a big no-no in a modern protocol.

Back in the day, kids were placed in rear-facing car seats for a shorter time, up till age one or so. Now, in light of American Academy of Pediatrics findings on child safety, parents are advised to keep kids in rear-facing car seats until age 2 or 3.

Also, the restraining harness is loosened which could cause any number of problems. The biggest problem seems to be with the seat itself which is much too large. His head is too low to be properly cushioned by the head rest.

The Duggar Dillard parents have also placed the seat next to a door instead of in the middle.

If they had more children this would not be possible, of course. But since Isaac is the only one, for now at least, they could keep him safest placing him farthest from the door.

Is baby Dillard riding or just chilling?

Fans defend Jill Duggar saying that the car seat protocol doesn't apply as the baby isn't riding but just sleeping in his car seat. That's obviously why dad snapped him in the cute Kodak moment.

But this begs another parenting concern--kids in hot cars.

A Texas child died at Rehoboth Praise Assembly after only 45 minutes in a hot car. If the car is stopped the child should be removed right away. Easier said than done? Sure, with an active one-year-old naps can be infrequent and blessed events.

But even with the windows down in the hot Arkansas summer, hot car temps skyrocket. And Zika virus is rampant from mosquitoes this summer.

This also doesn't address the forward facing car seat issue nor the fact that it is obviously either too big or not adjusted correctly to his size. Critics faulted Duggar Dillard for what looked like bad parenting.

Are some self-proclaimed parenting experts Nazis who find fault with everyone else? Sure, but it doesn't negate the fact that parents have an obligation to provide the best for their kids even if it is inconvenient. And coming from a family of 19 Kids and Counting, surely someone has a correctly fitted car seat they could lend little Isaac?

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