They're back! Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, the Arkansas reality TV family of TLC "19 Kids and Counting" return to TLC August 23 for season 2 of "Counting On." That's basically "19 Kids and Counting" less the eldest Josh Duggar, who got himself in 50 shades of a sex scandal and lost the Duggars their first show.

This in "Counting On" season 2, you can play chaperone with mom and dad and go on supervised dates with 23-year-old Jinger Duggar and her new fiance Jeremy Vuolo. There will also be the official "blessing" of the courtship to kind of kick things off with the happy couple.

Love, Duggar style

Were you confused about the going on dates part? Did you think that Jinger Duggar and her boyfriend would go out alone? Nope, that's the worldly way of dating. The Duggar parents do it the Biblical way (or how they interpret as the Bible way).

Actually, it's not dating in Duggar speak but courtship. Courtship is supervised dates with the whole family or other adults (mom and dad). Relationships and engagement are strictly managed by mom and dad, or more accurately dad, even those of their children who are well past the age of majority. And viewers of the reality TV family will get to watch.

Duggar rite of initiation

If Jeremy Vuolo thought college frat pledge was hard, he hasn't seen a Duggar engagement initiation.

First, there is the meeting of the family. That will take some time with Jinger's 18 siblings. Then there is a ceremonial parent blessing of the union. It's like a marriage only for engagement, to see if the couple click.

The Duggars follow a plan that resembles the Jewish betrothal blessing. Catholic families sometimes do something similar.

The idea is not only to bless the couple in their pre-union but give them the strength to avoid temptation (sex) and stay pure till marriage. Jinger and her betrothed will not be allowed to kiss or cuddle until Vuolo puts a ring on it.

They will be allowed what Michelle Duggar calls "side hugs." Jill Duggar and her husband Derick Dillard and their son join the show fresh from a missionary stint.

One person, you will not see is Josh Duggar. He is reportedly still in rehab for sex therapy after he admitted to molesting his sisters and several other girls at church. He also has a pornography addiction, cheated on his wife Anna (and mom of his four going on five kids) with a stripper and was found to have not one, but two Ashley Madison cyber adultery accounts.

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