Last weekend,Justin Bieberwas in Japan as part of his Purpose World Tour. The 22-year-old superstar brought along more than just his usual entourage on this trip. The Biebs was spotted all over town with a new pretty lady by his side.

Blonde beauty

The beautiful blonde is Sofia Richie. 17-year-old Richie is a model and daughter of musician Lionel Richie. She has appeared in some well-known magazines, including Elle and Vanity Fair Italia. Her young age is causing a bit of a stir, but she will be of legal age soon, turning 18 on August 24.

While in Japan together, the pair has been posting pictures of their adventures on Instagram. For some reason, the photos didn't go over well with many of Bieber's fans, and the nasty comments came rolling in. The hashtag #TeamSelena accompanied many of the comments, and it all became too much for the Biebs to handle.

The superstar made the threat of all threats to hisnearly 78 million Instagram followers. He said if the hate continued, he would make his account private. Well, the hate continued, and his posts alsocaught the attention of Bieber's ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez.

Gomez probably should have taken the high road and kept quiet about the whole situation. Instead, the 24-year-old singer and actress posted some of her comments. Bieber and Gomez had a few back and forth "messages" to each other and then Biebs followed through on his threat. His Instagram account, which was the sixth biggest account in all of Instagram, went private.

Account deleted

The account didn't stay private for long.

On Monday night, Bieber took the next step and entirely deleted his Instagram. Luckily for fans, he didn't quit all of the social media, as his Facebook and Twitter accounts are both still up and running. On Facebook, Bieber has over 77 million likes, and on Twitter, the singer has 86.5 million followers.

The Purpose World Tour is on a short break until next month. The tour picks back up on September 8 with two shows in Iceland.

Who knows what Bieber will do with those few weeks off. Some might be hoping that his plans include getting Instagram back up and running.

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