Dragon Ball is undoubtedly one of the most famous and beloved anime of all time. Today, it has gained more popularity thanks to the new series that many of us already know, called Dragon Ball Super, which again has attracted the attention of fans of all ages. And this is not surprising, because its creator Akira Toriyama retook the reins of his masterpiece, creating this new story with his characteristic style.

Trunks Future

There are four sagas we have seen until today, but the saga that is taking most popular among them currently is the fifth series, which is called “Trunks Future," in which he has returned to share one of the most beloved characters of this anime, Trunks.


This new saga has a stir with the return of the son of Vegeta from the future, many fans from all over the world are showing their excitement for his return, either dressing Cosplay, buying all kinds of merchandising related to this character, or doing really amazing things as a group of You Tubers, which in their YouTube channel usually design and create replicas of famous objects, seen in TV series or movies. 

Like, for example, the Zack Ax of the first season of Power Rangers or the famous Katana of Kill Bill, but, at the request of many of their followers, they have agreed to make a replica of that infamous Future Sword Trunks.

The Challenge

In order to carry out this challenge, these guys possess of a wonderful imagination have used both traditional and modern techniques, often using the metal at very high temperatures, because in this way it is much easier to mold and bend. 

However, some tasks have been carried out with metal in a cold state, using very powerful tools and machinery. But certainly, what stands out in this video is their hard craftsmanship and art.

The creators

These blacksmiths not only were responsible for creating this popular Trunks Sword, they also conducted quality tests to prove its effectiveness in real life, far exceeding the tests.



Below is a video so that you can improve the information on this amazing and wonderful creation. Enjoy it.