In the recent days, we have seen how Dragon Ball XenoVerse is having many new features with respect to its sequel, which will release the incoming months. While we wait in the sweet waiting for the start of the game we can enjoy the first demo of the next game out to the general public. By the time we see one of the videos of this demo and tell some important details of the game. Let's see.

The Game Demo

The first great news that we are going to develop is very good for lovers of Dragon Ball GT because with this new game they will be very pleased by the number of characters that they could use. Among the new characters that were mentioned, in the new game we can see characters as: Dodoria, Goku of Dragon Ball GT, Gogeta Super Saiyan, and Trunks of the future, Cooler, Vegeta Super Saiyan 4 (GT), Janemba (final form), Goku version base, Android 16, and Super Android 17.


As we can see, the lovers of Dragon Ball GT will have a new game with many characters in this spin -off series. The game will have new levels and for it, there has been presented a number of places such as Platform combat of the martial arts tournament, the platform games, Namek, and the kingdom of Kaio Shins among other places.

Gameplay changes

Among, the gameplay changes or additions we highlight a new way of playing much faster than that the one that we have played before on Xenoverse 1, wherein the player can reach his opponent much easier than before.

It also would have an easier resistance, because, with this new version, you can make easier combos and prevent your opponent put resistance and finally you will have changes of instant costumes for each fight so we with specific outfits for every fight.

What next?

In addition to this new news, we will have the demo available for download soon. And as if that were not enough in the game we can use Black and Trunks of the future in the (Dragon Ball Super version) as playable characters in the game.


For now, you just have to buy the deluxe version of the game to access them or wait for some free option launches.

Finally, Bandai has launched an official Web site ( for their games, especially for Dragon Ball XenoVerse 2, where we can download and have everything related to the game.


Below is a video with further information: