A couple of days ago it was officially revealed: the official titles of chapters 57 and 58 of this famous and wonderful series, along with this, further information came to light, which will be the topic of discussion for this article.

Zamasu’s power

In the title of Chapter 57, it was revealed that the power of Zamasu is invincible, demonstrating with this that this powerful God of destruction can possess a high technical performance en route to the destruction of any adversary. According to the source that revealed this information, the new power of this character makes him absolutely invincible, and that no one is stronger than him.


The new technique that Zamasu possesses is similar to the Zenkai Saiyans technique, which was known in the saga of Freezer.

After the battle between Black and Goku, Black said that he acquired this powerful technique through Goku, however, it was not so clear due to some errors. Trunks also mentioned something about this by saying that Black became stronger in every battle.

The secret of Zamasu and Black

In the title of Chapter 58, it was revealed, another very important fact, and it is that both villains, Zamasu and Black have a hidden secret, which is unknown to all fans of Dragon Ball Super. There are many theories that have sprung up around these two charismatic characters in this series, however, the most common of all is that Black was owned by Zamasu, and able to obtain all the skills of all Saiyans.

 It is worth mentioning that any connection existing between these two great warriors must exist by way of the Saiyan blood, due to the transformation that was shown before.

What is next?

For now it is very ambiguous (the information that we have), but it is expected that for next week, the official synopsis of these episodes will be revealed, bringing more information about the future of this anime series. From what we can be sure of so far, we will see an impressive battle in the near future.


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