Many are the speculations about the new character of the series. In the episode 55 preview we were shocked after a new blue-skinned guy showed up. His skin is similar to Wiss’ and Vados’ but: is this new character a relative of any of them? What’s the matter with Vados, Wiss and this new guy? Now, on this note we will try to bring some light to that “symbology” around the look of the new character. Next we will bring some interesting conclusions.  


First of all, we must say that the symbol we saw in the new character’s belt is the Kanji大/Dai/’s and it means Great or Greatest.


This Kanji has some special relationship with the gods and, as we have already seen, in many characters such as Dai Kaoi Shin. This character showed up during the Majing Boo saga, in which the pink villain eliminated most of the Kaio Shins from Universe 7. But let’s come back to this new guy in town. As we can see, he also carries the Kanji Dai (as you can see in the pictures down below). So now, what is the meaning of this word for the gods? This word is identified with the gods’ high echelons.

Nevertheless, it’s obvious the character from the preview has a completely different look (mainly in his clothes) than Kaio Shin. This is the reason why we can discard the theory that he is a Kaio Shin, supreme or Dai Kaio Shin from universe 10.

Dai or Grat?

He also does not look like an assistant of a destruction god, because of the use of the word “DAI or Great, as we said before." Our main theory is that this new character is either the master of all the destruction god’s “assistants and masters” or the assistant of Zeno himself.


Casually he appeared when Zeno wanted to communicate with Goku. Another theory is that he can be the Dai Kaio of any other Universe, but this seems to be more unlikely. In the same preview we saw how Goku also found the Kaio Shins from Universe 7, and for some reason he asked them for a favor. Is Goku asking for a time travel ring to this KaioShins? Are there any time travel rings from universe 7? Is Goku asking to use the ring to travel in time and find out who Black is?