Sequel to Dragon Ball Z is prepared to receive Future Trunks, who first appeared in the saga of Cell in the 90s. However, he has not been seen since that moment.

Also,  a new enemy is coming, whose first image is available. This is Black Goku, who was mentioned in official statements. He, according to the leak of "DBS" we include in this article, wears a gray dress; but he does not stand out just because of that and his evil face.

The image of Black Goku of Dragon Ball Super which appears in the next issue of manga magazine "Weekly Shonen Jump" also shows that the character has a Potara, a special earring that allows the fusion of two living things.


The TV series 'Dragon Ball Super.'

The "Potara" first appeared in "DBZ" when the Supreme Kai and Kibito used them to demonstrate their effectiveness. These objects were used by Vegeta and Goku to fusion themselves to fight against an enemy. However, they didn't have success.

The image of "DragonBallS"

besides including Trunks and Black Gokú, has an adult version of Mai, a henchman of Emperor Pilaf, which also would come in the future.

Dragon Ball Super is broadcasted every Sunday in Japan by Fuji TV.

If you don’t know what is about yet, you’re lucky! Super Dragon Ball is developed after Goku defeats Majin Buu and finally, after so many epic battles and fearsome enemies, peace has come to Earth ... but we know it will not be like this for too long.

Chi-Chi, Goku's wife, wants her husband to get a normal job because the danger is finally "over", so the Saiyan becomes a  farmer. You need to watch the anime to find out the rest!

It has been revealed that this artifact used leads by name: The ring of the time, which allows you to perform what we mentioned above.


The novelty of this news is that this ring belongs to the supreme Kaiosama. It is, this powerful aro is a legendary object with a value that is higher than the same sword Z and the earrings of Potala. In the beginning, only the kaio-shin of the universes could make use of this legendary object.