Recent days, it was revealed and shown to fans the chapter 54 of Dragon Ball Super, the box that contains the green ring of the time, also, has the other four rings, what would mean that five are the rings total, as God said.

The rings

The Kaio Shin Zamazu and Gowasu “, both amazing characters are wearing on the green rings of the time, which are so powerful. With them is allowed to travel through the time, but specifically to a different world completely unknown, but of course, so appreciate for all Warriors of big battles.This word is known by the name of Parallel Universe. It should be emphasized that these rings were created to manipulate events in the past.


 It can be taken as an example the timeline created by Trunks in which the world was not devastated by androids 17 and 18, which allowed the Z Warriors the opportunity to face characters as powerful as Majin Buu and the God of the destruction, Bills Sama.

Trunks of the future

The original timeline of the universe 7 is where Trunks of the future lives, which is being devastated by Black Goku, which now is alive and back.

In the last conversation between Gowasu, Zamasu and his Master. Zamasu said that a silly boy has been created another world and that because of it, another ring was created.

We have no doubt that the creator of the other new world is Trunks. Maybe you would ask. Why Trunks? When Gowasu said that it was recent? Recall that for the Gods, one hundred years is a long time so that it’s clear that this guy is the creator of a new amazing world and that his name means all.


Trunks, the traveler of the time, used to use his machine of the time to create the world in which his friends did not die and that his parents would be happy about his new creation. In that way we could see him as a savior, that is why Zamasu became interested in destroying the humans using a Black Goku so that all our heroes are suffering the consequences of the acts of Trunks of the future.



Below is a video with further information: