Throughout the series of Dragon Ball Z, there were events that were never explained, so that today we'll talk about one of many - the Sayains, Goten and Trunks. Maybe you wondered why these two Sayains have no tails? Over the years there has been speculation about whether or not these characters were born with a tail and all these speculations could be really valid and credible.

Goten and Trunks

Recently, a source with extensive experience in the world of anime, particularly on Dragon Ball Super, confirmed the possibility that Goten and Trunks, both were born with tails. According to this source, these Sayains belonging to universe six got involved, and with this, they started losing their tails.


However, in that universe in which they lived, these tails, were no longer needed. On the other hand, in the case of these characters, real evidence that explains this great mystery, it is that both come from of an offspring of the race of Sayains. Recall that having a tail is very common in Sayains.

Akira Toriyama

The creator of this popular series, Akira Toriyama, said that it was a nuisance to draw tails because this caused inconvenience in the fights. However, he never gave clear and specific details whenever he was questioned about the tails.

Recall that on several occasions, we had the opportunity to see Goten and Trunks displaying their tails in episodes shown a long time ago in the past - just at the beginning of the series, and later they appeared without it. It was said at that time that the old Kamisama had gouged those tails so that they lost strength and thus achieved the weakening of both, so they could not be a threat in his next confrontation.


Having done a thorough analysis by comparing the data offered by the aforementioned source with our own, we have come to the conclusion that  Goten and Trunks are descendants of the Sayain race.


It seems both of them were born with their tails, and if today we do not see them it's because they lost them for some reason that is not clear yet. But that we will know for sure in a while.

Below is a video so that you can improve try and decide for yourself.