Dragon Ball Super is as exciting as ever, Zamasu descended to prevent Black's attack towards Goku and also to prevent Black from his selfishness. Zamasu himself wants to defeat Goku, he doesn't want Black to do it. The most recent episode also made it clear that Zamasu and Black are not the same person. There has been a lot of rumors about Black's identity, before and after he appeared in the series. After getting to know him more throughout the episodes, the similarities between Black and Zaiko from Dragon Ball AF have been increasing.


Is Toriyama incorporating elements from Toyotaro's AF?

Dragon Ball AF

This is a fan manga created in the 2000s by the Japanese artist Toyble, who is now known as Toyotaro. He is currently the illustrator of the Dragon Ball Super manga version. The main antagonist of this manga is called Zaiko, also known as Xicor, and he looks very similar to Goku. In fact, he is Goku's genetically created cloned son, so there is a connection between these two characters. He was created by the West Kaioshin, who was believed to be dead after Majin Buu's mortal attack.

She took a DNA sample from Goku in order to create Zaiko many years later. She was angry because the Gods didn't seem to care about her alleged death, so she decided to create the strongest warrior for revenge purposes.

 Zaiko and Black

Zaiko is basically an evil version of Goku, who came to Earth in order to destroy everyone, ruled by the West Kaioshin and adopting a submissive attitude towards her. So, does it sound familiar to you? Isn't Black an "evil Goku" who follows the instructions of a Kaioshin who is looking for revenge from the Gods and their past "mistakes"? They both also want to destroy Goku and all the humans.   


He is the artist of the Dragon Ball Super manga and Dragon Ball AF manga, so both mangas are similar from an artistic point of view, but there is a chance that both mangas could also share some similarities when it comes to the storyline.


If this happens, it would be a great achievement for Toyotaro, doing what all the fans would love to do: getting their ideas adopted by the Dragon Ball franchise. Unfortunately, Toyotaro never finished Zaiko's story and he just made an alternate ending, but he was forced to do it. However, the complete volumes of his manga are available on the Internet.