As you might know, Zamasu appeared during the fight between Goku and Black, preventing Black from using his Kamehameha. It's just that Zamasu wants to be the one who defeats Goku and that's why he stopped Black from throwing a devastating attack. According to the preview of the next episode, the 57th episode of the series, Zamasu is an immortal God, and it's also said that Trunks is not able to defeat him, his attacks are worthless because he can't hurt the immortal God. But is it really like that? Is Zamasu immortal? 

The source of his immortality

There are different interpretations of Zamasu's immortality, it could be said that he is immortal due to his power and strength or that he got his immortality by asking Shenron.


The first option makes us think that Zamasu has increased his power somehow (probably the same way Goku Black gets his power) and he is really invincible. The second option could also be possible, it's something that he could certainly get thanks to Shenron, but we have to point out that the seven Dragon Balls don't exist during Future Trunks timeline, since Kami died a long time ago. However, nothing has been said about the existence of the Namekian Dragon Balls or even about the Super Dragon Balls of Super Shenron. 

Super Dragon Balls

Zamasu is a Supreme Kai apprentice, and that's why he has a very long life span, but apparently that’s not enough to fulfill his plan of destroying races and civilizations that he considers dangerous and inferior.

It would make sense to think that his wish of immortality was granted to him after collecting all the Super Dragon balls. If it's believed that the Kaioshins aren't evil Gods, what would prevent them from becoming immortal? Obviously Super Shenron would grant them this wish, especially since he has the ability to grant any wish, no matter what it is. If this is what really happened and Zamasu is immortal, Goku will have to find a way to revert this. Will he succeed? It's definitely an exciting moment for all the Dragon Ball fans.