After many years, Dragon Ball’s franchise (now enrolled in the new series called Dragon Ball Super) could beat “One Piece” at the sales index. A few months ago we said that Dragon Ball was the most profitable franchise to Bandai, the gaming and toys company. The enormous sales index of the games and also the action figures and other toys of DragonBall had made this franchise become the most important to Bandai, who also have many licenses of other important franchises. At that moment we told you that DB was the second franchise in sales to Toei Animation, only overcome by “One Piece”. Dragon Ball, the Akira Toriyama’s franchise, is growing tremendously to take the first place in sales. Let’s see some number that prove so.


One Piece Vs Dragon Ball

Toei Animation have revealed their sales archive from 2016. There are three important sales áreas: national licenses, films’ worldwide sales and international licenses (in the pictures down below you can see the complete sales index). From these three main areas, DB is leading by far the last two (films’ worldwide sales and international licenses). This is brand new data. The previous register showed “One Piece” over DB in the first two areas, letting Goku lead the last one.

However, it has changed by the second semester of the year.

Now, “One Piece” only surpassed Dragon Ball in the “national licenses” area, specifically in TV sales.This gap is not very big if we count that the DB international licenses earned 652 million yen against 394 million earned by “One Piece”. As to national licenses, it is expected that an old series such as “One Piece” would be leading against a brand new series with only a year on television. Beyond any difference in stories, the gap is too short indeed.


Respecting international licenses and films’ sales we believe they are going to spread in the next months when more licenses will be sold around the world. That is the main reason for us to believe that DragonBall will still come out ahead in the next months and years.