The true origin of Black has been a hot topic issue. Through the revelations of the chapters shown recently, there have been many speculations, questions, answers, rumors, and predictions that have come out on the true origin of this new character.

Chapter 54

In the last revelation of the chapter 54 of Dragon Ball Super we could see the way that Vegeta was training Trunk of the future, as he was aware that his son was being underestimated. In the training, we saw two Dragon Ball Z references. The first, was the transformation of Trunks, which upset Vegeta because this transformation was a total disadvantage.


The second was when the prince of the Saiyans told his son that he would give him another advantage, knowing that one stroke would suffice to pass the test. Remember that it was the same that he said to Trunks in Dragon Ball Z, but the difference was that in this chance, Trunks could beat him.

Black's origin

Having reviewed a little of what happened in chapter 54, now is the time to explain the true origin of Black and with this chapter we are almost certain that the proposal in one of our previous news can become a reality.

Previously we have proposed that Black Goku was the one responsible for the emergence of Black because in his fight with Zamasu, all he could get was that the Kaioshin increased his hatred of humans and confirmed one more time by himself that they could ever be a complete threat. In the last episode shown recently, we saw that Zamasu traveled to the future with his master to see how this would evolve humans in his universe. But there was no change in its hostile behavior. One important thing is that the old man gave one of his green clays to his apprentice, which was identical to those that Black was wearing.



We put aside the doubts that were focused on Black Goku and his responsibility of creating Black, and finally we conclude that the real culprit responsible for the appearance of this new character is Kakaroto.

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