Dr. Drew Pinsky is ending a five-year run with the HLN network as hisseries, Dr. Drew On Call has been canceled. The network is doing an overhaul of their lineup and they cite their goal of focusing more on the news for pulling Drew's series from the schedule. Ousting of the show comes just days after Pinsky got nationwide attention for his 'grave concerns' statement over Hillary Clinton's health. He reported this after he and a colleague deciphered her health records that are posted online.

Overhaul or shakeup?

Dr. Drew, who is an addiction specialist and a board certified internist, will act as a contributor to to the network after his last show airs on September 22, according to Breibart News.While many media outlets are reportingDrew'sup and coming departure as the result of HLN changing their line-up, some outlets are questioning a possible hidden agenda for this sudden change of venue. Is there is a link to his show being canned and his recent comments on Hillary Clinton's health?

This is a question circulating online today!

Hillary Clinton's diagnosis

Last week Pinsky, who has never seen Hillary Clinton as a patient, offered up some thoughts on her diagnosis after reading the medical records that Clinton herself made public on her website. His unofficial diagnosis sounded very scary and it sounded as if Hillary was in one heck of a health battle.

Seeing her wear specialized glasses (prism glasses) after a head injury suggested to Pinksy that she may be dealing with brain damage.

The interview, which was done on McIntyre in the Morning show, was on the website for KABC after the show, but then it soon disappeared. What Pinsky said during this interview was also backed up by other doctors, according to The Improper.

Hillary's pictures put dark cloud over health?

Dr. Drew's unofficial diagnosis came at the same time a picture of Hillary went viral online, which was another bit of evidence that suggested things weren't going so good with her health.

In that picture, seen below in a video, Hillary was helped up a set of stairs by her staffers. Following this came the pictures of Hillary either being propped up on stage by a staffer or she was using a stool to steady herself. This can be seen in a Twitter post below.

These pictures, along with Dr. Drew's unofficial diagnosis, have put a dark cloud over Hillary's heath and since she is the Democratic candidate for the president, this can' be helping her goal of winning!

So did Dr. Drew's public comments get him ousted from the HLN network? He did tell the public he was "gravely concerned" over Hillary's heath and Dr. Drew has a huge following, so this was something that soon took over the Internet.

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