Dr. Drew Pinsky's televised HLN show on CNN has been cancelled after the good doctor took it upon himself to publicly discuss his thoughts on the health of presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.

Could Hilary Clinton be hiding health issues from supporters?

It has been highly speculated that Dr. Drew's show was axed from the HLN lineup because the good doctor spoke out on what he believes is the health status of Hilary Clinton stating that her balance issues in his opinion are stemming from brain damaged caused by her concussion in 2012.

It was also implied that Clinton could be hiding some major health issues from her supporters which are why Dr. Drew believes she is not as publicly visible as her opponent Donald Trump.

Last February Hilary Clinton was caught on camera appearing to stumble a bit on the staircase which sparked a lot of speculation that Hilary may not be as healthy as she has let on since suffering her concussion. In 2012 Hilary fainted, falling and hitting her head while suffering severe symptoms of the flu. Drew stated that this past head injury is what he is basing his concern of Hilary on.

Dr. Drew believes Hilary Clinton may be suffering from brain damage due to past head injury

Drew gave his personal professional opinion on his show without ever treating Mrs. Clinton claiming that he believes from the severity of the concussion that Hilary now suffers some brain damage, especially since afterward she was wearing prism glasses. He also feels that this alleged brain damage could be responsible for her issues with balance.

One other point that was made was that when Clinton was screened for heart disease she was administered what was referred to as an old fashioned screen and that she may not be receiving proper medical care.

These are the reasons that Dr. Drew believes could mean that Hilary's health is not up to par, and that taking on the job as President of the United States, should she win could impact her duties to the country.

Since expressing his concerns, just days later Dr. Drew's show has been cancelled after six previous years of success. It has not been confirmed as to whether or not Drew's personal opinion on Clinton's health is the reason behind the cancellation or whether the timing is purely coincidental. It will remain a mystery most likely as many political working so often do.

CNN published a statement stating that the decision to end the show was "mutual," and that Dr. Drew expressed that it had been an"honor" to work with the network. Dr. Drew's final show will be on September 22, 2016.

Do you believe Dr.

Drew's negative remarks pertaining to Hilary Clinton's health could be the reason behind the show's cancellation?

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