Going into the live show tonight we had Victor in HOH, Paulie had not used the Power of Veto and the nominees for eviction were Zakiyah and Michelle. James held the care package containing the power to eliminate two votes.

James decided to block the votes of both Paul and Corey. During the live eviction,Zakiyah wassent out of the housewith a vote of3 to 2. She was not holding the Round Trip Ticket, so she is off to Jury House with Da'Vonne.

How did the competitions go during DE?

The HOH competition was "Statcathalon" where numerically based answers were given for things that have happened in the "Big Brother" house.

Corey easily took the win to become the new Head of Household. He held a quick meeting with "his boys" and nominated Bridgette and Michelle for eviction.

POV competition was"Veto Time"withNatalie, Paulie and Victor sitting out. Corey was the winner, so he held all the power in the "Big Brother" house for the fast-pacedaccelerated week.

As expected, the POV was notused so Bridgette and Michelle remained on the block going into the second live eviction of the night. Michelle expectedto be the one evicted, so she used a commercial break to put on a dress to meet Julie Chen in.

Her time to speak toher fellow housegueststo sway their vote was used to call Nicole out to the house for being shady to everyone.To the nominee's surprise, it wasBridgette leaving the house with a vote of 5-1.

Again there was not a Round Trip Ticket in her envelope, so she becomes the third member of the jury.

Where do things stand after a full week in one night?

Tomorrow we should know who the next Head Of Household will be. The "BigBrother" game should be back on track on the normal schedule, right? Wrong!

The producers have an extra show scheduled for Friday, August 19th. Julie Chen left us with no details on what will be happening.

There is a lot of tension in the "Big Brother" house right now. It was once like watching Paulie be the Pied Piper and the others following him blindly. With the confrontations that have been happening, Paulie's game is in jeopardy. No matter who our next HOH is we are sure to see a shift in the power of the house.

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